Chromatics - Nite [Ivory Vinyl] (LP)

Nite [Ivory Vinyl]
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When Nite first appeared way back in 2006, Chromatics had yet to release their breakthrough album, Night Drive. Since then, the Johnny Jewel-helmed combo have gone on to bigger and better things, with each successive album bringing a fresh wave of success.

As this reissue neatly proves, their sound was a little different back then. While there are nods towards their later soundtrack-inspired sound (see Birds of Prey and Sleepwalker), much of the mini-album is split equally between fuzzy, guitar-heavy art-rock workouts and, more thrillingly, the kind of thrusting, muscular Italo-disco revivalism that Mike Simonetti's Italians Do It Better imprint once excelled at delivering.

This limited edition LP format is pressed on ivory coloured vinyl.

- LP
- Ivory vinyl
- 180g vinyl
- Gatefold sleeve

1. Nite
2. Glass Slipper
3. Birds Of Prey
4. Sleepwalker
5. City Beds
6. Nite (Instrumental)