Songs: Ohia - Love & Work: The Lioness Sessions [2LP] (LP Box Set)

Love & Work: The Lioness Sessions [2LP]
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The Lioness is the first Jason Molina project to fully turn away from the battlefield folk and deconstructed Americana of earlier Songs: Ohia recordings. At the dawn of the 21st century, the album felt modern. It aligned Molina with a new set of peers -€” Low, Gastr del Sol, Red House Painters and, most importantly, the influential Scottish band Arab Strap, whose producer and members were crucial in the creation of The Lioness. The avantgarde tones and arrangements of Arab Strap are absorbed here into Molina'€™s songwriting to create what would become, for many acolytes, the archetypal Songs: Ohia sound.

Love & Work: The Lioness Sessions, the box set reissue, will serve as the seminal log of the era, complete with lost songs, photos, drawings, and essays from those who knew Molina best. The original album and a bonus LP of never-before-heard recordings are pressed on translucent purple vinyl. Both LPs are presented in gatefold sleeves, and packaged in a die-cut slipcase together with a 16-page booklet.

- 2LP
- Translucent purple vinyl
- Includes booklet

LP 1:
1. The Black Crow
2. Tigress
3. Nervous Bride
4. Being In Love
5. Lioness
6. Coxcomb Red
7. Back On Top
8. Baby Take A Look
9. Just A Spark

LP 2:
1. On My Way Home (Lioness Sessions outtake)
2. Never Fake It (Lioness Sessions outtake)
3. From the Heart (Lioness Sessions outtake)
4. It Gets Harder Over Time (Lioness Sessions outtake)
5. I Promise Not To Quit (Lioness Sessions outtake)
6. Neighbors Of Our Age (Lioness Sessions outtake)
7. Pyrate II (Even Now) (Lioness Sessions outtake)
8. Velvet Marching Band (Lissy'€™s Sessions)
9. Raw (Lissy'€™s Sessions)
10. Already Through (Lissy'€™s Sessions)
11. Wondrous Love (Lissy's Sessions)