Various Artists - For Discos Only: Indie Dance Music From Fantasy & Vanguard Records (1976-€“1981) (LP Box Set)

For Discos Only: Indie Dance Music From Fantasy & Vanguard Records (1976-€“1981)
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For Discos Only: Indie Dance Music From Fantasy & Vanguard Records (1976-€“1981) is a comprehensive collection of the music that lit up a thousand dance floors in the mid '€™70s and early '€™80s, inspiring a revolution in the music world. This collection pulls killer tracks from respected and influential independent record labels on opposite coasts - San Francisco'€™s Fantasy Records and New York City'€™s Vanguard Records - and is a veritable must-have for fans of the pioneering movement from which emerged the birth of the '€œremix,'€ an innovative musical practice that prefigured house, techno and hip-hop.

Featuring over 30 songs, mostly extended and remixed 12" single versions built to move the dance floor, For Discos Only includes music from groundbreaking disco artists including: Sylvester, the Players Association, the Blackbyrds, Poussez!, Frisky, the Nobles, Rainbow Brown, Bill Summers and Summer Heat, Fat Larry's Band, Idris Muhammad, Carol Williams, Free Expression, Side Effect, Spiders Webb, Damon Harris, Slick, Roni Griffith, Ike Turner feat. Tina Turner and Home Grown Funk, Phil Hurtt, Two Tons O'€™ Fun, the Ring, Paradise Express and Fever.

- 5LP

1. The Players Association - Turn The Music Up! (12'' Disco)
2. Sylvester - Over And Over (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
3. The Blackbyrds - Don't Know What To Say
4. Poussez! - Boogie With Me (12'' Disco Mix)
5. Frisky - Burn Me Up (With Your Love) (12'' Special Remaster)
6. The Nobles - Fascinating Woman
7. Rainbow Brown - I'm The One
8. Bill Summers and Summers Heat - Straight To The Bank (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
9. Fat Larry's Band - Lookin' For Love (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
10. Idris Muhammad - For Your Love (Prelude)
11. Idris Muhammad - For Your Love (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
12. Carol Williams - No One Can Do It (Like You) (12'' Special Remix)
13. Free Expression - Chill-Out! (12'' Version)
14. Side Effect - Always There (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
15. Spiders Webb - I Don't Know What's On Your Mind (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
16. Damon Harris - It's Music (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
17. Slick - Space Bass (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
18. Sylvester - Dance (Disco Heat) (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
19. Roni Griffith - Mondo Man (12'' Version)
20. Rainbow Brown - Till You Surrender (Special Remix)
21. The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park (Remix)
22. The Players Association - Love Hangover (12'' Disco)
23. Ike Turner - Party Vibes (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
24. Frisky - You've Got Me Dancing In My Sleep (Special Remaster)
25. Phil Hurtt - Boogie City (Rock And Boogie Down) (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
26. Two Tons O' Fun - I Got The Feeling (Patrick Cowley MegaMix)
27. Ring - Savage Lover (Special 12'' Disco Mix / Long Version)
28. Paradise Express - Dance (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
29. Fever - Beat Of The Night (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
30. Poussez! - Come On And Do It (Special Disco Remix)
31. Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Disco Mix)