Various Artists - For Discos Only: Indie Dance Music From Fantasy & Vanguard Records (1976-€“1981) (CD)

For Discos Only: Indie Dance Music From Fantasy & Vanguard Records (1976-€“1981)
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For Discos Only: Indie Dance Music From Fantasy & Vanguard Records (1976-€“1981) is a comprehensive collection of the music that lit up a thousand dance floors in the mid '€™70s and early '€™80s, inspiring a revolution in the music world. This collection pulls killer tracks from respected and influential independent record labels on opposite coasts - San Francisco'€™s Fantasy Records and New York City'€™s Vanguard Records - and is a veritable must-have for fans of the pioneering movement from which emerged the birth of the '€œremix,'€ an innovative musical practice that prefigured house, techno and hip-hop.

Featuring over 30 songs, mostly extended and remixed 12" single versions built to move the dance floor, For Discos Only includes music from groundbreaking disco artists including: Sylvester, the Players Association, the Blackbyrds, Poussez!, Frisky, the Nobles, Rainbow Brown, Bill Summers and Summer Heat, Fat Larry'€™s Band, Idris Muhammad, Carol Williams, Free Expression, Side Effect, Spiders Webb, Damon Harris, Slick, Roni Griffith, Ike Turner feat. Tina Turner and Home Grown Funk, Phil Hurtt, Two Tons O'€™ Fun, the Ring, Paradise Express and Fever.

- 3CD

CD 1:
1. The Players Association - Turn The Music Up! (12'' Disco)
2. Sylvester - Over And Over (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
3. The Blackbyrds - Don't Know What To Say
4. Poussez! - Boogie With Me (12'' Disco Mix)
5. Frisky - Burn Me Up (With Your Love) (12'' Special Remaster)
6. The Nobles - Fascinating Woman
7. Rainbow Brown - I'm The One
8. Bill Summers and Summers Heat - Straight To The Bank (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
9. Fat Larry's Band - Lookin' For Love (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
10. Idris Muhammad - For Your Love (Prelude)
11. Idris Muhammad - For Your Love (Special 12'' Disco Mix)

CD 2:
1. Carol Williams - No One Can Do It (Like You) (12'' Special Remix)
2. Free Expression - Chill-Out! (12'' Version)
3. Side Effect - Always There (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
4. Spiders Webb - I Don't Know What's On Your Mind (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
5. Damon Harris - It's Music (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
6. Slick - Space Bass (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
7. Sylvester - Dance (Disco Heat) (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
8. Roni Griffith - Mondo Man (12'' Version)
9. Rainbow Brown - Till You Surrender (Special Remix)
10. The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park (Remix)

CD 3:
1. The Players Association - Love Hangover (12'' Disco)
2. Ike Turner - Party Vibes (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
3. Frisky - You've Got Me Dancing In My Sleep (Special Remaster)
4. Phil Hurtt - Boogie City (Rock And Boogie Down) (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
5. Two Tons O' Fun - I Got The Feeling (Patrick Cowley MegaMix)
6. Ring - Savage Lover (Special 12'' Disco Mix / Long Version)
7. Paradise Express - Dance (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
8. Fever - Beat Of The Night (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
9. Poussez! - Come On And Do It (Special Disco Remix)
10. Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Disco Mix)