Festival of the Spoken Word - You Can't Polish a Nerd (DVD)

You Can't Polish a Nerd
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Fresh from their recent sell-out UK tour, Festival Of The Spoken Nerd'€™s Helen Arney, Steve Mould and Matt Parker have committed yet another comedy spectacular to the most versatile of digital discs.

Packed full of science, songs and spherical geometry, the intrepid trio go further than ever to celebrate nerdiness in all its raw and unpolished glory. You Can'€™t Polish a Nerd is the third show from the science comedy phenomenon, who have been at the epicentre of the rise of science in comedy. They'€™re here to put the '€˜ooh'€™ in zoology, the '€˜fun'€™ into fundamental theorem of calculus and the '€˜recursion'€™ into recursion, creating the ultimate in audio-visual entertainment for nerds and non-nerds.