Blondie - Heart of Glass (12" Single)

Heart of Glass
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The song that burst Blondie out of the streets of the Bowery to #1 on the charts, Heart of Glass was the pivotal moment in punk's choreographed slamdance with the mainstream.

Inspired by Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, Blondie transformed their campy Once I Had a Love into a Roland-driven juggernaut and never looked back.

Explored and exploded via six distinct versions remastered from the original analog tapes, the history of Heart of Glass is documented here in a copious essay, and its art is reimagined by noted American illustrator Shepard Fairey.

- 12"€ EP

1. Heart of Glass (Long Version)
2. Heart of Glass (Roland CR-78 Version)
3. Heart of Glass (Shep Pettibone Mix)
4. Once I Had A Love (1975)
5. Once I Had A Love (1978)
6. Heart of Glass (Instrumental)