The Rolling Stones - Beggar's Banquet [LP/12"/Flexi Disc+INVITE] (LP Box Set)

Beggar's Banquet [LP/12
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Released in 1968, Beggar's Banquet is the legendary seventh album from The Rolling Stones. The introduction of legendary producer Jimmy Miller refocused the band with enthralling results, returning to their blues roots albeit in a radical new way. Rootsy and sophisticated in equal measure, Beggars Banquet (trailered by a candidate for the title of greatest non-album single of all time, Jumping Jack Flash), absolutely epitomised '€˜rock,'€™ and would inform and influence so much of what followed to dominate the musical landscape over the ensuing decades. It includes two of the group'™s best, and most provocative songs - Street Fighting Man and Sympathy For the Devil, and would be their final album to be released during Brian Jones' lifetime.

This new gatefold 50th anniversary edition supplements the LP with a 12” featuring the original mono mix of Sympathy of the Devil along with an etched B-side, as well as a replica of the rare Japanese Flexi Disc featuring the “Hello! This is Mick Jagger" LONDON to TOKYO April 17th 1968 interview.

- LP / 12"€ / Flexi Disc
- 180g vinyl
- Gatefold sleeve
- Includes download

1. Sympathy For The Devil
2. No Expectations
3. Dear Doctor
4. Parachute Woman
5. Jigsaw Puzzle
6. Street Fighting Man
7. Prodigal Son
8. Stray Cat Blues
9. Factory Girl
10. Salt Of The Earth

1. Sympathy For The Devil

Flexi Disc:
1. "€œHello! This is Mick Jagger" LONDON to TOKYO April 17, 1968 Interview