Kate Bush - Remastered Part 2 [10CD] (CD Box Set)

Remastered Part 2 [10CD]
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Kate Bush will release remastered versions of her album catalogue on vinyl and CD in November! This is the first (and definitive) programme of remastering and includes the release of many rarities and cover versions on vinyl and CD for the first time.

The live album Before the Dawn is included in CD Box 2 in its original mastered form.

Remastered Part 2 features her three most recent studio albums - Aerial (2005), Director's Cut (2011) and 50 Words for Snow (2011) - the live album Before the Dawn (2016) and the 12" Mixes, The Other Side 1, The Other Side 2 and In Others' Words collections.

- 10CD

1. Aerial
2. Director's Cut
3. 50 Words for Snow
4. Before the Dawn [3CD]
5. 12" Mixes
6. The Other Side 1
7. The Other Side 2
8. In Others' Words