Penelope Trappes - Penelope Two (Book)

Penelope Two
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Following her debut album Penelope One for Optimo Music, antipodean vocalist, musician and soundscaper Penelope Trappes presents sophomore long player Penelope Two for Houndstooth.

Elements from multiple sources are subsumed by Trappes'€™ sonic presence; one hears Badalamenti and Julee Cruise'€™s work for Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, Galaxie 500 and Slowdive'€™s dreampop, the scorched comedowns of early Primal Scream, Tuxedomoon and Colin Newman'€™s dark melancholia, plus contemporaries like Grouper and Tropic of Cancer. It'€™s a deeply melodic album, with her intimate, maternally tender voice floating in the middle of each three dimensional, womb-like sonic space.

This deluxe visual edition of Penelope Two is presented as a 40-page hardcover 7"€ x 7"€ photo book with images by Agnes Haus, plus a digital download link of the album including the bonus five-track digital EP Withdrawn.

- Book
- 40 pages

1. Silence
2. Connector
3. Burn On
4. Kismet
5. Carry Me
6. Maeve
7. Exodus
8. Farewell
9. For You
10. Nite Hive