Lindisfarne - Real Live Lindisfarne (CD)

Real Live Lindisfarne
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Lindisfarne have seen many changes over the years, but this live collection celebrates a new high point in the band'’s history.

Here on this double CD collection are all the favourites, classic album tracks and stage favourites along with a few long-overlooked gems, recorded live between December 2017 and April 2018 by a line-up which will surely become regarded as a classic incarnation of this classic name.

- 2CD

CD 1:
1. No Time To Lose
2. Song For A Windmill
3. All Fall Down
4. Lady Eleanor
5. United States Of Mind
6. Why Can’t I Be Satisfied
7. Never Miss The Water
8. Road To Kingdom Come
9. Whisky Highway
10. January Song
11. Fog On The Tyne
12. Run For Home

CD 2:
1. Alright On The Night
2. Wake Up Little Sister
3. Numbers (Travelling Band)
4. Walk A Crooked Mile
5. Coming Good
6. City Song
7. Winter Song
8. One World
9. Don’t Ask Me
10. We Can Swing Together
11. Meet Me On The Corner
12. Clear White Light (pt.2)