Karine Polwart - Laws of Motion (CD)

Laws of Motion
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Karine Polwart - six-time winner at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, including 2018 Folk Singer of the Year - returns with her new album, Laws of Motion. The new LP was recorded alongside long-term collaborators Inge Thomson (accordion, percussion, synths and vocals) and brother Steven Polwart (guitars and vocals).

Polwart'€™s 2017 album A Pocket of Wind Resistance used the migratory habits of geese to crack open universally human societal and ecological issues. Across Laws of Motion, Polwart continues to coalesce the familial and the familiar alongside the unsettling and the unknown, driven as ever by her gift for empathy and accessibility. Subject matter as disparate as Trump, WW2 and holocaust survivors are drawn together by the laws of the album's title, alongside the experiences of migrants and allegorical folk and children'€™s stories.

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1. Ophelia
2. Laws Of Motion
3. I Burn But I Am Not Consumed
4. Suitcase
5. Cornerstone
6. Matsuo'€™s Welcome To Muckhart
7. Young Man On A Mountain
8. Crow On The Cradle
9. The Robin
10. Cassiopeia