Alborosie - Soul Pirate (CD)

Soul Pirate
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Released in 2008, Soul Pirate is the debut studio album from Italian reggae star Alborosie. The record was the result of Alborosie's six years at Geejam studios in Jamaica, and was created in partnership with local artists.

This new deluxe edition CD includes a clutch of bonus tracks, including Call Up Jah, Slambam, Streets and Jamaica.

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1. Intro: Rodigan
2. Diversity
3. Precious [feat. Ranking Joe]
4. Kingston Town
5. Rastafari Anthem
6. Still Blazing
7. Herbalist
8. Dutty Road
9. Police
10. Moonshine
11. Bad Mind
12. Callin [feat. Michael Rose]
13. Black Woman
14. Sound Killa
15. Work
16. Patricia
17. Waan The Herb [feat. Michael Rose]
18. Natural Mystic [feat. Ky Mani Marley]
19. Call Up Jah
20. Slambam
21. Streets [feat. Ky Mani Marley]
22. Jamaica