Blood Red Shoes - Get Tragic [LP/7"] (LP)

Get Tragic [LP/7
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The story of Get Tragic can be traced way back to the relentless gigging off the back of their 2014 self-produced and self-titled record, when thew heels finally fell off of Blood Red Shoes at the end of that same year.

A near-decade of incessant road time and a non-stop pace of life finally took its toll, with the band stopping only to quickly hammer out "€œanother 10 songs"€ to release as their next record, before ploughing straight back into touring. The pair exhausted themselves to the point of collapse. "€œWe didn'€™t, at any point, have a breather,"€ says Steven Ansel (drums and vocals), "€œWe probably didn'€™t see each other for about 10 days a year, tops, for six or seven years."€ Understandably, such incessant close proximity led to implosion. "€œWe got the to the end of the fourth record and were like, '€˜F**k you, I never want to see you again,'"€ Steven adds, half-laughing, half-sighing.

Vocalist and guitarist Laura Mary-Carter packed her bags and bought a one-way flight to Los Angeles, a complete radio-silence between the two bandmates stretching on for months. She fell in with a songwriter'€™s crowd, penning tracks and collaborations with big-time pop producers and pitching songs for the likes of Rihanna. It provided her with "€œa lot of time to reassess,"€ she says. Steven, conversely, "€œwent out and took drugs and went clubbing for about half a year," he laughs. "€œI don'€™t remember a lot about it. Classic break-up move, right?"

"€œThat'€™s the whole running theme of this record,"€ says Steven. "The reason we called it Get Tragic is because we realised that everything we'€™ve been doing over the last three years is kinda tragic!"€ he says, prompting laughter from the pair. "€œJust like, '€˜Ooh, I hate you, I'm going to America to find myself,' and like '€˜Ooh, I'€™m gonna party for the rest of the year!'€™ Everything about it is such a cliché -€“ we were like, '€˜We'€™ve turned into a f**kin tragedy!'"

Get Tragic, then, fully embraces the absurdity of Blood Red Shoes' situation. As a result, the pair come out the other side sounding fresher and more assured than ever. Recording in the States, working with a new producer, ditching the two-piece rock rulebook they arguably helped write - everything that went into Get Tragic was a leap into the unknown.

This limited edition LP format is pressed on green and black coloured vinyl, and supplements the album with a bonus 7". The package is presented with alternate artwork.

- LP / 7"

1. Eye To Eye
2. Mexican Dress
3. Bangs
4. Nearer
5. Beverly
6. Find My Own Remorse
7. Howl
8. (Interlude)
9. Anxiety
10. Vertigo
11. Elijah

1. God Complex
2. Call Me UP Victoria