White Lies - Five [Blue Vinyl] (LP)

Five [Blue Vinyl]
Due on 01/02/2019
On their fifth studio album, West-London trio White Lies scale new creative heights with reenergised confidence. The writing and recording process for Five took in both sides of the Atlantic, including a creative sojourn to Los Angeles where they worked on new material with old acquaintance Ed Buller - producer of two previous White Lies albums - including the band'€™s chart-topping debut To Lose My Life.

This limited edition LP format is pressed on blue vinyl, and is presented in special packaging with an eight-page booklet.

- LP
- Blue vinyl
- 180g vinyl
- Includes booklet
- Includes download

1. Time To Give
2. Never Alone
3. Finish Line
4. Kick Me
5. Tokyo
6. Jo?
7. Denial
8. Believe It
9. Fire And Wings