Alborosie - Soul Pirate: Acoustic [CD/DVD] (CD)

Soul Pirate: Acoustic [CD/DVD]
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This new album collects Alborosie's acoustic sessions, recorded live from Shengen Studio, Kingston, Jamaica. These sessions include his classic songs Kingston Town, Still Blazing, Herbalist, Diversity and a new recording of Johhny B. Goode.

This deluxe CD format includes a bonus DVD featuring music videos from the sessions together with in-depth interviews with Alborosie.

- CD / DVD

1. Diversity
2. Herbalist
3. Black Woman
4. Police
5. Still Blazing
6. Kingston Town
7. Rastafari Anthem
8. Kingdom of Zion
9. Johnny B. Goode

1. Black Woman
2. Diversity
3. Herbalist
4. Kingston Town
5. Police
6. Rastafari Anthem
7. Still Blazing