The Coral - Distance Inbetween (CD)

Distance Inbetween
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After a five-year hiatus, preparing to return with their eighth studio album, Distance Inbetween. Recorded at Liverpool'€™s Parr Street Studio with co-producer Richard Turvey, the record was taped live and mostly in just one take. The seams of each track are purposely rough-hewn and pave the way for a new visceral sound from a totally re-energised band.

"Before we started making the album we had discussed that we wanted it to be more minimal and rhythmical,"€ explains James Skelly (vocals, guitars). "We thought '€˜if you've got a rhythm section that'€™s been playing together for almost twenty years, why not make that the centre of the songs?'"

The results are startling, and have even led Mani to exclaim: "This is an absolute masterpiece. I honestly think it's the best thing I've heard since the Roses first album."

If that'€™s not enough, early birds purchasing the record will also receive a limited edition print - a real collector'€™s item!

1. Connector
2. White Bird
3. Chasing The Tail Of A Dream
4. Distance Inbetween
5. Million Eyes
6. Miss Fortune
7. Beyond The Sun
8. It’s You
9. Holy Revelation
10. She Runs The River
11. Fear Machine
12. End Credits