J Mascis - Elastic Days [Coloured Vinyl] (LP)

Elastic Days [Coloured Vinyl]
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Dinosaur Jr. frontman J. Mascis returns in November with Elastic Days, the third in a series of solo full-lengths in which he swaps his distortion pedal for an acoustic setup.

J recorded the album at his own Bisquiteen studio and he played most of the instruments, but there are guest vocals from Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion), and Zoe Randell (Luluc), plus keyboards from past collaborator Ken Miauri.

This limited edition Loser Edition LP format is pressed on crystal clear vinyl with a purple swirl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Crystal clear vinyl with purple swirl


1. See You At The Movies
2. Web So Dense
3. I Went Dust
4. Sky Is All We Had
5. Picking Out The Seeds
6. Give If Off
7. Drop Me
8. Cut Stranger
9. Elastic Days
10. Sometimes
11. Wanted You Around
12. Everything She Said