Factory Floor - A Soundtrack For a Film (CD)

A Soundtrack For a Film
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Factory Floor were originally commissioned by curator Chris Bell of London'€™s Science Museum to write a live score for Fritz Lang'€™s 1927 silent cinematic landmark, Metropolis. Widely regarded as a pioneering work of science fiction, Metropolis depicts a dystopian future where a city'€™s downtrodden, exploited underclass of workers secretly plot a revolt. The 150-minute score was first performed at the Science Museum'€™s IMAX on 28th April 2017, coinciding with the 90th anniversary release of Metropolis and as part of the acclaimed Robots exhibition and event series. Following the success of the London Science Museum event, Factory Floor took to the studio to record the score in its entirety.

- CD

CD 1:
1. Metropolis
2. Beneath
3. Run
4. Father
5. Identity Switch
6. Circuit Senses
7. Babel
8. Cave
9. Wonder
10. Suspicious

CD 2:
1. Transform
2. Heart of Data
3. Find
4. Up Rise
5. Flood
6. Become
7. End