Elvis Costello and the Imposters - Look Now [Deluxe] (CD)

Look Now [Deluxe]
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The ever-prolific songsmith Elvis Costello returns this October with new album Look Now. The record features his longtime backing band the Imposters - who include members of Costello'€™s original backing band, the Attractions - and is his first full-length since Wise Up Ghost, his 2013 collaboration with the Roots.

"€œI knew if we could make an album with the scope of Imperial Bedroom and some of the beauty and emotion of Painted From Memory, we would really have something,"€ Costello says in a statement, referring to the 1982 album he recently revisited on the road and his collaboration with songwriter Burt Bacharach.

Bacharach co-wrote a few songs on Look Now, and sat in on piano with the Imposters on two of them, Don'€™t Look Now and Photographs Can Lie. Costello wrote another Look Now song, Burnt Sugar is So Bitter, with Carole King.

This deluxe edition CD supplements the record with four bonus tracks.

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1. Under Lime
2. Don'€™t Look Now
3. Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter
4. Stripping Paper
5. Unwanted Number
6. I Let The Sun Go Down
7. Mr. & Mrs. Hush
8. Photographs Can Lie
9. Dishonor The Stars
10. Suspect My Tears
11. Why Won'€™t Heaven Help Me?
12. He's Given Me Things
13. Isabelle In Tears
14. Adieu Paris (L'€™Envie Des Etoiles)
15. The Final Mrs. Curtain
16. You Shouldn't Look At Me That Way