Catherine McGrath - Talk of This Town (CD)

Talk of This Town
Northern Irish singer-songwriter Catherine McGrath is at the forefront of a new scene of artists who are making country music fresh and relevant, far from its epicentre in Nashville.

Now she is set to make the biggest statement of her career to date with her debut album Talk of This Town. Recorded at various locations in Nashville and London, the LP affirms Catherine'€™s credentials as an artist and songwriter to be reckoned with.

- CD

1. Talk of This Town
2. The Edges
3. Lost In The Middle
4. Wild
5. Thought It Was Gonna Be Me
6. Don't Let Me Forget (feat. Hunter Hayes)
7. Enough For You
8. Dodged A Bullet
9. Good At Love
10. Cinderella
11. Just In Case
12. Good Goodbyes
13. She'll Never Love You