Art of Noise - Moments in Love (CD)

Moments in Love
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Art of Noise pioneered the technique of sampling sounds and blending them into a melodic collage that defied simple classification. Variously described as hip hop, avante-garde, techno-pop, electro-jazz, drum and bass, and all points in between, the band influenced and inspired generations of musicians and left a lasting legacy.

This 2CD set celebrates the diversity of their work on the iconic 1980s label, ZTT. Much-loved tracks such as Close (to the Edit), Beat Box and Moments in Love are featured that together serve to illustrate exactly why the Art of Noise richly deserve their reputation as one of popular music'€™s most influential bands.

- 2CD

CD 1:
1. Close (to the Edit) - Art Of Noise
2. Beat Box
3. Diversions 1
4. Love Beat
5. Love
6. On Being Blue (New Vox)
7. Dreaming in Colour (Way Out West's Excellent Extended Mix)
8. Metaforce (feat. Rakim)
9. Something Is Missing
10. Metaphor On the Floor (feat. Rakim)
11. Realisation
12. A Time for Fear (Who's Afraid)
13. Identity Crisis
14. Beep Beep

CD 2:
1. The Invention of Love
2. Moments In Love (7" Version)
3. Snapshot
4. The Wounds of Wonder
5. A Is for Beginning
6. Diversions 5
7. Dr Gradus
8. Beau Soir - Anne Dudley & Amanda Boyd
9. Il Pleure (At the Turn of the Century)
10. The Holy Egoism of Genius
11. Born On a Sunday
12. A Time for Fear (JJ's 12" Remix)
13. Balance - Music for the Eye, Extract from Pt. 3: Blue Murder / The Interrupted Serenade / Ce N'est Pas Fini!
14. Donna