Thrice - Palms (LP)

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Thrice created Palms with a free-form and fluid approach to the album'€™s sonic element. The result is their most expansive work to date, encompassing everything from viscerally charged post-hardcore to piano-driven balladry.

Palms is the band'€™s first release since signing to Epitaph in early 2018, and the album matches its raw passion with a measured intensity, a rare feat for an LP so informed by the volatility of the times. "€œEven though some of these songs are really aggressive-sounding, I wanted to make sure they never felt like finger-pointing, especially at a time when there'€™s so much talking past each other,"€ says vocalist Dustin Kensrue.

- LP

1. Only Us
2. The Grey
3. The Dark
4. Just Breathe
5. Everything Belongs
6. My Soul
7. A Branch In The River
8. Hold Up A Light
9. Blood On Blood
10. Beyond The Pines