Birds in Row - We Already Lost the World (Cassette)

We Already Lost the World
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Birds In Row are a melodic/abrasive band from Laval, France. Blurring the lines between hardcore, punk, and related sub-genres, they offer something of substantial weight to their listeners. Collectively carrying somber hearts and poignant souls, they navigate through melancholic seas to shape beautifully hook-laden songs unlike anything else out there today. We Already Lost the World is their latest, a stunning nine song album that blends post-punk and angular rock influences into something emotional and electric.

- Cassette

1. We Count So We Don't Have To Listen
2. Love Is Political
3. We vs. Us
4. Remember Us Better Than We Are
5. I Don't Dance
6. 15-38
7. Triste Sire
8. Morning
9. Fossils