Tim Buckley - Troubadour Concerts [6LP] (LP Box Set)

Troubadour Concerts [6LP]
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In early September 1969, Tim Buckley played four sets over two days at LA club The Troubadour, along with a rehearsal set, all of which were recorded. These shows featured Buckley at his improvisational best, each performance of every song being different from other performances of the same song.

On these recordings, Buckley was accompanied by his guitarist Lee Underwood and congas player Carter C.C. Collins, along with John Balkin on bass and Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart drummer Art Tripp.

These recordings have been issued across three CD releases in 1994 and 2017, but this 6LP box set is the first time that they have been gathered together in one release.

- 6LP

LP 1:
1. Buzzin' Fly
2. Strange Feelin'
3. Blue Melody
4. Chase The Blues Away
5. Venice Mating Call
6. I Had A Talk With My Woman

LP 2:
1. Gypsy Woman
2. Driftin'
3. I Don't Need It To Rain
4. I Wanna Testify

LP 3:
1. Anonymous Proposition
2. Lorca
3. I Had A Talk With My Woman
4. Nobody Walkin'
5. Venice Mating Call

LP 4:
1. Nobody Walkin'
2. I Don't Need It To Rain
3. Buzzin' Fly
4. Gypsy Woman

LP 5:
1. Venice Mating Call
2. Nobody Walkin'
3. Gypsy Woman
4. Blue Melody

LP 6:
1. I Don't Need It To Rain
2. I Had A Talk With My Woman
3. Strange Feelin'
4. Driftin'
5. Chase The Blues Away