John Grant - Love is Magic (CD)

Love is Magic
Due on 12/10/2018
Even when John Grant released his debut solo album, Queen of Denmark, in 2010, he laced sumptuous soft-rock ballads with an array of spacey, wistful synthesiser sounds. He increasingly adding taut, fizzing sequencers, nu-synth-disco settings and icy soundscapes to the mix on 2013'€™s Pale Green Ghosts and 2015'€™s Grey Tickles, Black Pressure, the latter described by The Guardian as, "variously agonising, hilarious, uplifting and moving: another bravura display from a unique songwriting talent."

Now, with his fourth solo album, Love is Magic, Grant has continued evolving, creating his most electronic record yet, in collaboration with Benge (Ben Edwards), analogue synth expert/collector and a member of electronic trio Wrangler, Grant'€™s collaborators earlier this year under the collective name of Creep Show on the album Mr Dynamite. Produced by Grant, and engineered by Benge at his Cornish studio, the diamond-hard, diamond-gleaming record "€œis how I'€™ve always wanted my records to sound, but I didn'€™t know how until now."

- CD

1. Metamorphosis
2. Love Is Magic
3. Tempest
4. Preppy Boy
5. Smug Cunt
6. He's Got His Mother's Hips
7. Diet Gum
8. Is He Strange
9. The Common Snipe
10. Touch and Go