Pariah - Here From Where We Are (LP)

Here From Where We Are
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Here From Where We Are, Pariah'€™s first release in six years, marks a natural progression in his sound across nine interconnected pieces. The record is inspired by a series of very personal reflections, responses and reactions. Pariah is keen for people to process it in their own way, free from interference.

Opening with the transcendental Log Jam which spills into the huge, empty and plaintive Pith, the artist distils his experiences into an album of nine moving, multi-layered tracks, where peculiar textures combine with rich harmonies and absorbing melodies into a heady mix of abstracted environments, formally structured songs and sound collages.

- LP

1. Log Jam
2. Pith
3. Seed Bank
4. Linnaea
5. At the Edge
6. Conifer
7. Rain Soup
8. Drug the Lake
9. Here From Where We Are