Miss Red - K.O. (CD)

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The blueprint for a futuristic new dancehall style is laid out on this debut full-length release from Miss Red, produced by close collaborator Kevin Martin, aka The Bug. K.O. is a fully realised and precision-tooled long player that sits in an outernational beat continuum alongside the likes of Jamaica’s Equiknoxx, Canada'€™s Seekersinternational and Portugal's Principe crew.

Miss Red's fierce flow rides roughshod over warped bashment anthems like Shock Out and One Shot Killer, but the album also showcases her ability to adapt to different flavours with the addition of ethereal harmonies to the psyched out arcade blips of Clouds or the plaintive dystopian lament of War. Similarly, The Bug'€™s riddims are a masterclass in restraint, retaining his trademark heaviness but taking a step back from the atmospheric ambience of his recent work with Burial and Earth. Instead this is an example of the dexterity with which Martin can deploy a minimal arrangement, taking a bassline, beat, FX and vocal and sharpening those elements for maximum dancefloor devastation.

- CD

1. Shock Out
2. One Shot Killer
3. Money Machine
4. Alarm
5. War
6. Come Again
7. Big
8. Clouds
9. Dust
10. Dagga
11. Slay
12. Memorial Day
13. K.O