Jess Glynne - Always in Between [Deluxe] (CD)

Always in Between [Deluxe]
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It'€™s been three years since the release of Jess Glynne'€™s momentous debut album I Cry When I Laugh. Selling over two million copies worldwide and including a mass of smash hit singles including Hold My Hand, Take My Home and Don'€™t Be So Hard on Yourself, it consolidated Jess as one of the most important British pop stars and a formidable songwriter. Celebrated for her intimate yet universally appealing themes, Jess has connected with millions of people across the globe - demonstrating her peerless ability to tell the truths young women want to hear; about the loves that build them up and let them down; the aspirations and dreams that might turn sour but you'll smile through them anyway. These themes are passionately continued in Always in Between.

Always in Between finds Jess on a breath-taking journey of self-acceptance as she comes to terms with her new-found fame, heartbreak and the well-known pressure of writing a second album. The result is a triumph that captures the heart of what being a 28-year old woman in 2018 can feel like - trying to balance real life with everything that you want it to be.

This deluxe edition CD supplements the record with four bonus tracks.

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1. Intro
2. No One
3. I'€™ll Be There
4. Thursday
5. All I am
6. See Me on Top
7. Never Let Me Go
8. Broken
9. Hate/Love
10. Won'€™t Say No
11. Rollin
12. Nevermind
13. These Days (feat. Rudimental, Macklemore & Dan Caplen)
14. So Real (Warriors) [feat. Too Many Zooz & KDA]
15. Million Reasons
16. Insecurities