Five Star - Five Star Luxury: The Definitive Anthology 1984-1991 [9CD/DVD] (CD Box Set)

Five Star Luxury: The Definitive Anthology 1984-1991 [9CD/DVD]
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Five Star were managed by their Father, Buster Pearson who harboured the idea that his talented children could be the UK'€™s 1980s version of an older Jackson 5. Following an appearance on BBC One'€™s Pebble Mill in 1983, Five Star signed to RCA Records then spent 1984 honing their craft and performing at numerous club PAs around the country.

This 9CD / DVD set housed in a sumptuously packaged 12" x 12"€ deluxe casebound book, features six studio albums from their international hit-laden recording periods with RCA Records and Epic Records. The release features the original album tracklistings plus B-Sides, a multitude of alternate mixes, instrumental versions and more than 30 mixes previously unreleased on CD.

- 9CD / DVD

CD 1:
1. Love Take Over
2. All Fall Down
3. Let Me Be The One
4. System Addict
5. Hide And Seek
6. R.S.V.P.
7. Now I'm In Control
8. Say Goodbye
9. Crazy
10. Winning
11. I'm Gonna Make This A Night You Will Never Forget
12. I Like The Way You Dance [Five Star Orchestra]
13. First Avenue [Five Star Orchestra]
14. Beat 47
15. Keep In Touch
16. Love Games
17. Pure Energy

CD 2:
1. Can't Wait Another Minute
2. Find The Time
3. Rain Or Shine
4. If I Say Yes
5. Please Don't Say Goodnight
6. Stay Out Of My Life
7. Show Me What You've Got For Me
8. Are You Man Enough?
9. The Slightest Touch
10. Don't You Know I Love It
11. Sky
12. Summer Groove
13. (How Dare You) Stay Out Of My Life
14. Let Me Down Easy
15. Stone Court

CD 3:
1. Somewhere, Somebody
2. Whenever You're Ready
3. Strong As Steel
4. Read Between The Lines
5. Live Giving Love
6. Ain't Watcha Do
7. Made Out Of Love
8. You Should Have Waited
9. Knock Twice
10. Hard Race
11. Forever Yours
12. The Man
13. Have A Good Time

CD 4:
1. Another Weekend
2. Rock My World
3. Godsend
4. Are You Really The One
5. Let Me Be Yours
6. Free Time
7. Physical Attraction
8. Someone's In Love
9. There's A Brand New World
10. Rescue Me
11. The Mews
12. Sweetest Innocence
13. U [12 Inch Version]
14. Rescue Me [Instrumental Version]
15. Rare Groove [12" Version]
16. With Every Heartbeat [7" Mix]
17. Sound Sweet
18. Something About My Baby

CD 5:
1. Treat Me Like A Lady
2. Hot Love
3. I Can Show You Love
4. Feelings
5. Feel Much Better
6. I'm Still Waiting
7. That's The Way I Like It
8. Lost In You
9. Tienes Mi Amour
10. What About Me Baby?
11. Don't Stop
12. Act One [7" Version
13. Hot Love [Extended Version]
14. Treat Me Like A Lady [Tough Mix]

CD 6:
1. Shine
2. Come To Me (For Love)
3. Some Kind Of Magic
4. Love Can't Wait
5. The Love You Bring To Me
6. Right Over
7. The Start Of Forever
8. I Really Did It This Time
9. Sentimental
10. Save A Place (In Your Heart For Me)
11. Shine [LP Edit]
12. Shine [New Jack Mix Edit]

CD 7:
1. Hide And Seek [7" Version]
2. Let Me Be The One [7" Version]
3. R.S.V.P. [7" Version]
4. Can't Wait Another Minute [The 7" Remix Version]
5. Find The Time [7" Version]
6. Rain Or Shine [7" Version]
7. If I Say Yes [7" Edit]
8. The Slightest Touch [Shep Pettibone 7" Mix]
9. Are You Man Enough [Shep Pettibone Remix Edit]
10. Strong As Steel [7" Version]
11. Somewhere, Somebody [7" Version]
12. Another Weekend [US 7" Version]
13. Someone's In Love [David Morales US 7" Radio Mix]
14. There's A Brand New World [7" Version]
15. Treat Me Like A Lady [Raw 7" Version]

CD 8:
1. Hide And Seek [Dub Mix]
2. Crazy [Crazy Mix] [Instrumental]
3. Let Me Be The One [Long Hot Soulful Summer Mix] feat. Grover Washington Jr.
4. Love Take Over [Dub Take Over]
5. R.S.V.P. [Original Philly Mix]
6. Can't Wait Another Minute [The Street - Groove Mix Version]
7. Find The Time [Instrumental Mix]
8. Rain Or Shine [Dub]
9. Can't Wait Another Minute [Dub Mix]
10. If I Say Yes [Dub Mix]
11. The Slightest Touch [House Touch]
12. Are You Man Enough? [12" Dub Remix]
13. Can't Wait Another Minute [Another Minute Of Breakdown]

CD 9:
1. All Fall Down [M & M Dub Mix]
2. Let Me Be The One [Philadelphia Mix Edit] feat. Grover Washington Jr.
3. Love Take Over [The Limit Edition Mix Edit]
4. Can't Wait Another Minute [The M - Groove Mix Version]
5. Find The Time [Dub Mix]
6. Whenever You're Ready [Crazy Dub Jammy]
7. Somewhere Somebody [Dub Remix]
8. Another Weekend [Friday Night Mix]
9. Rock My World [Extra - Terrestrial Mix]
10. Someone's In Love [Some Dub Mix]
11. With Every Heartbeat [Dub]
12. Somewhere Somebody [Dub Beats]
13. Someone's In Love [LP Remix]
14. Are You Man Enough? [Acapella Groove]

1. Hide And Seek [Promo Video]
2. Crazy [Promo Video]
3. All Fall Down [Promo Video]
4. Let Me Be The One [Promo Video]
5. Love Take Over [Promo Video]
6. R.S.V.P. [Promo Video]
7. System Addict [Promo Video]
8. Can't Wait Another Minute [Promo Video]
9. Find The Time [Promo Video]
10. Rain Or Shine [Promo Video]
11. If I Say Yes [Promo Video]
12. Stay Out Of My Life [Promo Video]
13. The Slightest Touch [Promo Video]
14. Whenever You're Ready [Promo Video]
15. Strong As Steel [Promo Video]
16. Somewhere, Somebody [Promo Video]
17. Another Weekend [Promo Video]
18. Rock My World [Promo Video]
19. There's A Brand New World [Promo Video]
20. Let Me Be Yours [Promo Video]
21. With Every Heartbeat [Promo Video]
22. Treat Me Like A Lady [Promo Video]
23. Hot Love [Promo Video]
24. Shine [Promo Video]
25. Another Weekend [12" Version] [Promo Video]
26. Treat Me Like A Lady [12" Version] [Promo Video]
27. Treat Me Like A Lady [US Version] [Promo Video]