U2 - Zooropa (LP)

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Released in 1993, Zooropa is the eighth studio album from U2. Inspired by the band's experiences on the Zoo TV Tour, Zooropa expanded on many of the tour's themes of technology and media oversaturation. The record was a continuation of the group's experimentation with alternative rock, electronic dance music, and electronic sound effects that began with its predecessor, Achtung Baby, in 1991.

Despite mixed initial reviews, the record has sold over seven million copies worldwide, and in 1994 won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.

- 2LP
- 180g vinyl
- Includes download

1. Zooropa
2. Baby Face
3. Numb
4. Lemon
5. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
6. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
7. Some Days Are Better Than Others
8. The First Time
9. Dirty Day
10. The Wanderer
11. Lemon (The Perfecto Mix)
12. Numb (Gimme Some More Dignity Mix)