Stiv Bators - Disconnected [Starburst Vinyl] (LP)

Disconnected [Starburst Vinyl]
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Issued after the break-up of the Dead Boys, and before his albums with the Wanderers and Lords of the New Church, this is Stiv Bators'€™ one and only solo album. Recorded in Los Angeles in 1978, Disconnected finds Stiv playing the music he loved while growing up.

This LP reissue is pressed on starburst coloured vinyl.

- LP
- Starburst vinyl

1. Evil Boy
2. Bad Luck Charm
3. A Million Miles Away
4. Make Up Your Mind
5. Swingin'€™ A-Go-Go
6. Too Much To Dream
7. Ready Any Time
8. The Last Year
9. I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are)