Jackson Sisters - Jackson Sisters (LP)

Jackson Sisters
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Originally from Compton, Los Angeles, the Jackson Sisters were one-hit wonders who briefly shone and made some noise in the early 1970s before quickly fading into obscurity. Their only US chart entry was I Believe in Miracles, a funky slice of bubblegum soul with a catchy, singalong chorus released on the Prophesy label that briefly saw them make the lower reaches of the R&B charts in September 1973. Even though the sisters ceased performing together in 1975, the song began to live a charmed life. In 1988, it was resurrected as part of the UK Rare Groove scene, which resulted in it denting the bottom end of the UK pop charts. British vocal group, The Pasadenas, cut their own version in 1989, and a year later, Public Enemy sampled it for their track, Can'€™t Do Nuttin'€™ For Ya Man.

Released in 1976, this eponymous set is the Jackson Sisters'€™ first and only studio album.

- LP

1. Where Your Love Is Gone
2. Maybe
3. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
4. Day In The Blue
5. Rockin' On My Porch
6. Boy You're Dynamite
7. Rock Steady
8. Miracles
9. (Why Can't We Be) More Than Just Friends?
10. Shake Her Loose