Paul Rodgers - Free Spirit (Blu-Ray)

Free Spirit
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Paul Rodgers'€™ sold out concert at the Royal Albert Hall was captured for this new live package! The 16-song collection returned Rodgers to his roots, bringing fans an extraordinary evening celebrating the music of Free. Paul performs rock classics like All Right Now, Wishing Well, Fire and Water, and many deep tracks some of which were never performed live by the original band, such as Love You So and Catch a Train.

This blu-ray includes 13 bonus tracks.

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1. Little Bit Of Love
2. Ride On A Pony
3. Woman
4. Be My Friend
5. My Brother Jake
6. Love You So
7. Travellin' In Style
8. Magic Ship
9. Mr. Big
10. The Stealer
11. Fire & Water
12. The Hunter
13. All Right Now
14. Wishing Well
15. Walk In My Shadow
16. Catch A Train
17. Taken
18. Two Years
19. Blood Red Sun
20. Icicles
21. Shaping Up To
22. Sense
23. Love Lies
24. Without You
25. What We’ve Got
26. Painbirds
27. Spirit In Me
28. Hold On
29. I Need Love