Menace Beach - Black Rainbow Sound (CD)

Black Rainbow Sound
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New album Black Rainbow Sound is Menace Beach's first new material since early 2017'€™s Lemon Memory. The record exhibits a profound shift in their sound, whilst still mainlining the blasts of noise, visceral power, and timeless pop songsmithery of their previous releases.

The record finds Menace Beach continuing to explore their own unique aesthetic, venturing much further into a colourful world of bizzaro no wave analogue synths and static drenched electronic euphoria, which they have been circling for some time.

- CD

1. Black Rainbow Sound
2. Satellite
3. Crawl in Love
4. Tongue
5. Mutator
6. 8000 Molecules
7. Hypnotiser Keeps the Ball Rolling
8. Holy Crow
9. Watermelon
10. (Like) Rainbow Juice