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WEN (aka Owen Darby) releases his new album EPHEM:ERA with Big Dada, following 2017'€™s CARVE + GAZE EP. His first full length since his 2014 debut Signals (Keysound), Darby describes the new record as "€œelectronic studies - a sequence mapped out across the fringes of experimental club music."

The album is a further step outward, rendering the changing currents of UK-born "€˜weightless"€™ iterations of grime across 12 tracks.

This LP format is pressed on clear vinyl.

- LP
- Clear vinyl
- 180g vinyl
- Includes download

1. Silhouette
2. Glisten
3. Time II Think
4. Rain
5. Blips
6. Void
7. Curve_Relay
8. Grit
9. Off-Kilter
10. Sun Thru Blinds
11. Schoene
12. Diverse