Nigeria Fuji Machine - Synchro Sound System & Power (CD)

Synchro Sound System & Power
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Synchro Sound System & Power features the music of Nigeria Fuji Machine, which includes some of the country’s finest Fuji master drummers and singers and is newly recorded by Soul Jazz Records in Lagos, Nigeria.

Fuji is the heavily percussive and improvisational style of Nigerian popular music, at once modern and yet deeply rooted in the traditional Islamic Yoruba culture of Nigeria.

Here on this album Nigeria Fuji Machine'€™s striking and powerful lead vocalist Taofik Yemi Fagbenro soars above a wild and energetic backdrop of polyrhythms played on traditional talking drums, trap drums, electronic and street percussion to create a powerful wall of intense sound.

- CD

1. Iba
2. Orin Gidi
3. Ilu
4. Eyo Sese
5. Garaje
6. Ore Owe
7. Ire