Princess Nokia - A Girl Cried Red (LP)

A Girl Cried Red
Princess Nokia - aka New York rapper Destiny Frasqueri - has been releasing music via YouTube and Soundcloud since she was in high school, and catapulted herself to the next level with last year'€™s critically acclaimed rap opus 1992 Deluxe - selling out venues across the globe and steadily gaining tens of millions of streams.

Now, this shapeshifting emcee returns with a brand new collection of songs titled A Girl Cried Red, a self-described "€œemo mixtape"€ which will undoubtedly cement her place in the alternative underground as well as the hip hop world. "€œBlack people created punk - the band Death was way before The Ramones,"€ she stated in a recent interview, "€œIf you think about it, the wool has been pulled over our eyes. This is our shit. Very naturally, that's why we return to it."

Drawing on influences as varied as the introverted acoustic sounds of Elliott Smith to the bombastic pop-punk energy of Paramore, A Girl Cried Red showcases another fully formed side of Destiny that still taps into the uncompromising feminist ideology of Princess Nokia.

This LP format is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

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1. Flowers and Rope
2. Your Eyes Are Bleeding
3. For the Night
4. Look Up Kid
5. Interlude
6. Morphine
7. At the Top
8. Little Angel