Peter Murphy - 5 Albums [5CD] (CD Box Set)

5 Albums [5CD]
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Before making his 11 albums, Peter Murphy founded Bauhaus. After the band'€™s breakup in 1983, he teamed up with Japan'€™s former bass player Mick Karn to form Dali'€™s Car.

Beggars Arkive are excited to announce a new box set celebrating his first five albums: Should the World Fail to Fall Apart, Love Hysteria, Deep, Holy Smoke and Cascade. Each album features bonus tracks comprising of period rarities including original demos, single B-sides, early and alternate mixes and many previously unreleased recordings, including Critic'€™s Choice, Groovy Place, Sail on White and a full band take on Cool Cool Breeze.

- 5CD

1. Should The World Fail to Fall Apart
2. Love Hysteria
3. Deep
4. Holy Smoke
5. Cascade