Alex Somers & Sigur Ros - Black Mirror: Hang the DJ (LP)

Black Mirror: Hang the DJ
Ships In 2/3 Days
Late last year Sigur Rós producer and frequent collaborator Alex Somers hooked up with the band once again to deliver original music for Hang the DJ, one of the flagship episodes of the most recent Black Mirror series.

Now his acclaimed score for the Netflix programme, as well as two new songs made in collaboration with Sigur Rós for the programme, is available on white vinyl.

- LP
- White vinyl

1. All Mapped Out
2. Sorry
3. Hours, Days, Months
4. Into Place
5. Match
6. Out There
7. Sleeps
8. See You
9. Treasured
10. Ruined It
11. One Year
12. Doubts
13. Three, Two, One
14. We Agreed
15. One, Two, Three, Four
16. There'll Be a Reason
17. End
18. Over and Over Again