Parkway Drive - Reverence [CD] (CD Box Set)

Reverence [CD]
Reverence arrives as the follow-up to 2015'€™s Ire - Parkway Drive'€™s most successful album to date and a major force in boosting their ever-growing worldwide following.

While Ire brought Parkway Drive'€™s uncompromising artistry to bold new levels, Reverence pushes their creative ambition even further. The record both expands the band'€™s sonic palette and offers up their most devastating songs yet. On tracks like The Void, the group channel their furious energy into thrashing rhythms and ferocious vocal work while delivering deeply infectious melodies. That energy also infuses such songs as the vital and volatile Prey, a gang-vocal-driven anthem which unfolds with both punishing riffs and intricate guitar lines.

This new box set format supplements the CD with a debossed gold logo coin keychain, a Parkway Drive embroidered patch, a logo notebook, a logo pencil and a unique four-piece artwork postcard set.

- CD
- Includes keychain
- Includes patch
- Includes notebook
- Includes pencil
- Includes four postcards

1. Wishing Wells
2. Prey
3. Absolute Power
4. Cemetery Bloom
5. The Void
6. I Hope You Rot
7. Shadow Boxing
8. In Blood
9. Chronos
10. The Colour Of Leaving