Miles Kane - Coup De Grace [Pink Vinyl] (LP)

Coup De Grace [Pink Vinyl]
Due on 10/08/2018
Miles Kane returns with his third solo album Coup De Grace, a blistering exercise in modern rock '€˜n'€™ roll. His€™ first solo release since 2013'€™s Don'™t Forget Who You Are, the LP was recorded in L.A. and produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent). Miles wrote much of the album with Jamie T.

"€œThis record for me is the most important record I'€™ve made to date," he says. "€œIt'€™s been 5 years in the making, a lot of emotion and excitement has gone into making this album!"

This limited edition LP format is pressed on pink vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Pink vinyl
- Includes sticker
- Includes download


1. Too Little Too Late
2. Cry On My Guitar
3. Loaded
4. Cold Light Of The Day
5. Killing The Joke
6. Coup De Grace
7. Silverscreen
8. Wrong Side Of Life
9. Something To Rely On
10. Shavambacu