Miles Kane - Coup De Grace (CD)

Coup De Grace
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Miles Kane'€™s third, brilliant solo album opens with the rallying cry of rock '€™n' €™roll bands everywhere: "€œONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!"€ Coup de Grace, a speedy 10 tracks (seven of which were co-written with Jamie T), takes in Bolanesque dirty sweet glam, Strokesish new wave, heartsick balladry, sleek funk-pop and more. It'€™s an album that never stands still, that crackles with nervous energy. It sounds alive: perhaps the result of the bulk of it being written over a couple of weeks, and then recorded almost as quickly. The record includes the single Loaded, featuring Lana Del Rey.

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1. Too Little Too Late
2. Cry On My Guitar
3. Loaded
4. Cold Light Of The Day
5. Killing The Joke
6. Coup De Grace
7. Silverscreen
8. Wrong Side Of Life
9. Something To Rely On
10. Shavambacu