The Orb - No Sounds Are Out of Bounds [Blue Vinyl] (LP)

No Sounds Are Out of Bounds [Blue Vinyl]
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No Sounds Are Out of Bounds is the 15th studio album and 30th anniversary release from pioneering UK ambient house duo The Orb. The record features guest contributions from Hollie Cook, Roger Eno, Youth [Killing Joke, The Fireman], Jah Wobble [PiL], Guy Pratt [Pink Floyd], Brother Culture.

This double-LP format is pressed on blue vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- 2LP
- Blue vinyl


1. The End of the End
2. Wish I Had a Pretty Dog
3. Rush Hill Road
4. Pillow Fight @ Shag Mountain
5. Isle of Horns
6. Wolfbane
7. Other Blue Worlds
8. Doughnuts Forever
9. Drift
10. Easy On the Onions
11. Ununited States
12. Soul Planet