The Wave Pictures - Brushes With Happiness [Violet Sparkle Vinyl] (LP)

Brushes With Happiness [Violet Sparkle Vinyl]
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As one of the UK'€™s most prolific and beloved bands, it has become expected -€“ nay, the fans have demanded - that The Wave Pictures release several albums a year. This year, they are releasing two albums, starting with the spontaneous, recorded in one-day, minor-key, epic masterpiece that is Brushes with Happiness.

Guitarist and songwriter Dave Tattersall explains the process of recording the LP; "€œWe recorded this album live in a small room to tape on one night in January, playing music into the wee hours. Listening to the album feels like being in a ceremony. It takes you to that place. This is music that emanates from one group of people in one place in space and time. Listening to it is like being let in on a secret."

This limited edition LP format is pressed on violet sparkle vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Violet sparkle vinyl


1. The Red Suitcase
2. Rise Up
3. Jim
4. Laces
5. The Little Window
6. Crow Jane
7. The Burnt Match
8. Brushes With Happiness
9. Volcano