Spotlights - Hanging By Faith [White Vinyl] (12" Single)

Hanging By Faith [White Vinyl]
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Spotlights, the Brooklyn-based trio who released their Ipecac debut €˜Seismic€™ late last year, return with Hanging By Faith, featuring remixes from Void Manes and ISIS/Palms'€™ Aaron Harris.

The 12"€ format is pressed on white vinyl.

- 12"
- White vinyl

1. The Hanging (Hang Us All) [Kris Dirksen Remix]
2. Till Darkness Comes Out (Ghost of a Glowing Forest) [Mario Quintero Remix]
3. Sudden Violent Movement (Seismic) [Aaron Harris Remix]
4. Ice Giant (The Size of the Planet) [Void Manes Remix]
5. Faith