Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs (LP)

Hope Downs
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It'€™s rare that a band'€™s debut album sounds as confident and self-assured as Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever'€™s Hope Downs. To say that the first full-length from the Melbourne quintet improves on their buzz-building EPs from the last few years would be an understatement: the promise those early releases hinted at is fully realized here, with 10 songs of urgent, passionate guitar pop that elicit warm memories of bands past, from the Go-Betweens'€™ jangle to the charmingly lo-fi trappings of New Zealand'€™s Flying Nun label. Don'€™t mistake Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever for nostalgists though: Hope Downs is the sound of a band finding its own collective voice.

- LP
- Includes download

1. An Air Conditioned Man
2. Talking Straight
3. Mainland
4. Time in Common
5. Sister's Jeans
6. Bellarine
7. Cappuccino City
8. Exclusive Grave
9. How Long?
10. The Hammer