Passenger - Runaway (CD)

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There have always been two sides to Passenger: the epic, radio-friendly sound represented Let Her Go, and Young as the Morning Old as the Sea, and the more introverted, singer-songwriter side heard on, for instance, Whispers II (2015) and The Boy Who Cried Wolf (2017). Runaway finds Passenger embracing the epic once again: the melodies are unforgettable, the choruses colossal. The album, Rosenberg'€™s 10th in 11 years, was recorded between the UK and Australia with his co-producer, Chris Vallejo, but its aesthetic is North American.

"My dad is American,"€ Rosenberg explains, "€œand we used to go over every other summer when we were kids. I always loved it. I guess I was seduced by it a little bit. It was such a culture shock coming from England."€ Sonically, too, Runaway draws on Americana, for instance the early work of Ryan Adams. There is some lap steel, some mandolin, and a little banjo, all courtesy of guitarist Benjamin Edgar. Rosenberg is also joined on the album by bassist Rob Calder, drummer Peter Marin and keyboard player Jon Hansen.

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1. Hell Or High Water
2. Why Can'€™t I Change
3. Heart To Love
4. Let'€™s Go
5. Eagle Bear Buffalo
6. Ghost Town
7. Runaway
8. He Leaves You Cold
9. To Be Free
10. Survivors