Mutual Benefit - Thunder Follows (CD)

Thunder Follows
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Mutual Benefit, the songwriting outlet for multi-instrumentalist and producer Jordan Lee, presents new album Thunder Follows the Light. Following his last outing, 2016'€™s acclaimed Skip A Sinking Stone, Lee marks his return with a patient and prismatic collection of songs accrued over the past two years.

Thunder Follows the Light contemplates the ongoing destruction of the outer world and how it shapes the storms of our inner ones. There are meditations on collective struggle, death, rebirth, reasons to believe it's worth the fight.

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1. Written in Lightning
2. New History
3. Storm Cellar Heart
4. Shedding Skin
5. Come to Pass
6. Waves, Breaking
7. No Dominion
8. Mountain's Shadow
9. Nightingale
10. Thunder Follows