The Charlatans - Different Days / Totally Eclipsing (CD)

Different Days / Totally Eclipsing
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The Charlatans return with a new mini-album, Totally Eclipsing. The four-track release was recorded earlier this year, with the title track produced and mixed by David Wrench in London. Wrench has previously worked with the likes of The xx, Frank Ocean, Jamie xx and many more. Standing Alone, Indefinitely in Your Debt and Hopelessly Hoping were recorded by The Charlatans and Jim Spencer at Big Mushroom in Cheshire and mixed by Oliver Wright (Hot Chip, Dream Wife) in London.

This double-CD format pairs the mini album with the band'€™s recent album, Different Days.

- 2CD

CD 1:
1. Hey Sunrise
2. Solutions
3. Different Days
4. Future Tense
5. Plastic Machinery
6. The Forgotten One
7. Not Forgotten
8. There Will Be Chances
9. Over Again
10. The Same House
11. Let's Go Together
12. The Setting Sun
13. Spinning Out

CD 2:
1. Totally Eclipsing
2. Standing Alone
3. Indefinitely in Your Debt
4. Hopelessly Hoping