Virginia Wing - Ecstatic Arrow [Blue Vinyl] (LP)

Ecstatic Arrow [Blue Vinyl]
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This restlessly creative band forge a new sound that blooms with kaleidoscopic art-pop luminescence, transcending their icy experipop foundations into a brave new world.

If Broadcast and Stereolab were their most obvious touchstones before, now they step-out into new pastures inspired by Talking Heads, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and U.S. Girls. There is a new joy in their music, which still bears the DNA of experimental beginnings, captured artfully in first single The Second Shift, which sounds like an end-of-the-evening dancefloor-uniter recorded in a hollowed-out swimming pool. This is a compliment, of course, for Virginia Wing are a band who have always been prepared to challenge, and are now willing to explore sentiment, clarity, and optimism at the same time.

This limited edition LP format is pressed on blue vinyl, and comes with both a zine and a poster. It's only available through independent shops such as ourselves, so be quick!

- LP
- Blue vinyl
- Includes zine
- Includes poster
- Includes download


1. Be Released
2. The Second Shift
3. Glorious Idea
4. Relativity
5. For Every Window There's a Curtain
6. The Female Genius
7. Eight Hours Don't Make A Day
8. A Sister
9. Pale Burnt Lake
10. Seasons Reversed